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Penjulee Areevong

Love is my biggest weapon. Please support me in my mission to help children & families in need & to spread gun safety awareness.

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If you could Jetset to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I would go to Thailand because life there is simplistic. I’ve visited my motherland once and I absolutely fell in love. I remember it like it was yesterday; seeing the kids play with elephants in the river, playing inside a bucket as if it were a ship, enjoying the small things in life. It warmed my heart instantly. Nowadays in America children are not playing outside, but instead glued to their electronics. I would love to give back to the kids and families in need.

If voted our next Miss Jetset, what would you do with the prize money?

With the $50k I will tithe $2k with my church.I would give $4k to my parents and give my siblings $2k to split. Then I would donate $10k to several children’s foundations across America, and put $10k aside to invest in real estate properties. I would put $5k towards a family in need and donate $2k to the homeless. Use another $5k to donate art supplies to kids and put $5k towards a gun safety awareness program. Lastly, I would save $15k for future investments to help families & childre