Group Round

Voting for the TOP 5 ends January 28th at 6PM PST

Motivated Business Owner, Positivity addict & Fitness enthusiast. Take chances, Live your dreams, never quit. Laughing is soul candy.
Born in South Africa and raised in Zambia, I left my home and came to New York City to follow my dream of becoming an actress.
I am an international college student, bio major. Proud daughter of God who dreamed of being on a magazine cover since I was a little girl.
-Polished Facebook page KFBmodellong
Kind hearted, hilarious, spiritual warrior, & adventurer. I live life like it’s a dance, and twirl to its every beat. I love to live & love!
Desire becomes surrender and surrender becomes power
Mom of 2, nurse and writer. Former model. My motto: always be kind. You don’t know the struggle of those you meet.
I'm 27 & a multi-cultural Native American/Latina woman. I have dreams to give back to my community & help other minorities accomplish theirs
outgoing,kind,thoughtful and disciplined. Loving adventurer with a big heart and tiny body lol
Spiritual. 27 years old. Learning as I go! “Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.” Hebrews 10:24
There are no words to describe me.. Only characters.
After enduring hardship including bullying & homelessness, I realized the inner fight for self love and a positive mind set is true beauty!
I am a laid back but hardworking student who loves fashion and beauty. I am working towards my MRI Tech Certification~
I’m a mother of two beautiful girls and a grandmother of 1 . I stay active with work and roller skating. I’m really big on helping others
I’m just a loving gal, who’s humble, loyal, determined, & extremely ambitious. I love family time and creating memories that last a lifetime
hello my name is Emily Herrick and I am a small town girl from Pennsylvania. I am passionate about volleyball, shopping, family &photography
I am a 23-year-old, Latina artist, actress, model and owner of Evokeaholic Art shop. I am ambitious, creative, witty, and lively!
Happy ? Expressed through smile lovely daring spirt
Strong, Smart, Sassy, Scorpio
I am a vibrant 39 year old with 5 kids married for 18 years. Military wife at that. Would love this chance to be beautiful for a day.
I'm 41 years old, single mother of two kids,boy 13 years old ,girl 16 years old,want show to my kids that it's possible to realize o
Small town Albertan girl with a huge drive for achieving my goals. My passions include modeling, hiking tattoos and makeup.
I am fun, talented, and full of personality. I feel my best when I have been on an exercise routine. I would love to model.
I ?? doing anything outdoors! I ?? Learning how things & people work. I achieve happiness & inspiration by ?? ? ???????? cultures & psycholo
I am outgoing! I love nature! I am 20 years old. I am indigenous. I am from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Born and raised.
I am energetic, passionate, and dedicated!
Just a fun loving girl who sings and just enjoys life.
Dedicated, silly, and a badass. I love weightlifting and proving myself as well as cheffing it up
Bi-lingual lover of dewy sunrises and picturesque sunsets in far away places. Leading a life of spontaneity, adventure, curiosity & kindness
I consider myself a strong and determined individual. Being anle to juggle being single mom but also living the life I want...