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Miss Jetset 2015

Becca Tepper

Prior to being named Miss Jetset, Becca Tepper had never truly been one to model for the camera. Her very first professional photoshoot was for the cover of Jetset Magazine, a shoot that just so happened to include a selection of private jets and exotic supercars. As the first ever Miss Jetset, Becca has become a loyal brand ambassador for Jetset Magazine since 2015 and makes a point of attending our annual Miss Jetset soiree every year.

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Miss Jetset 2016

Laura Lydall

Australian model Laura Lydall was named Miss Jetset 2016 and carried the crown with class and grace throughout the year following her win. Laura is also an avid sports car enthusiast who enjoys spending free time with friends and discovering new and unchartered destinations to explore. “I am so honored to be Miss Jetset because Jetset is such an established and respected brand and this will allow me to get my message out to so many incredibly successful people across the world,” she tells us during our interview for the cover.

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Miss Jetset 2017

Adaliz Martinez

Our 2017 winner, Miss Adaliz Martinez is an entrepreneur and respected network marketer. Adaliz is also a devoted mother to two teenage sons who she hopes to inspire with her strong work ethic and dedication to winning the title. Adaliz had no prior modeling experience before being named Miss Jetset 2017 and believes that the fact that she was able to capture the crown should provide hope for others to follow their dreams.

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Miss Jetset 2018

Lara Sebastian

Lara Sebastian won the title of Miss Jetset 2018 after campaigning to her dedicated social media followers who were already huge fans of the talented dancer and actress. A passionate globetrotter, Lara is no stranger to the Jetset lifestyle having spent countless hours traveling from location to location aboard private jets. A true beauty who epitomizes the meaning of style and grace is certainly an accurate description of our reigning Miss Jetset.

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Miss Jetset 2019

Enea Culverson

Always on the lookout for what’s next, Enea envisions success as showing respect, working hard and always learning. The 27-year-old stunner has rather rational goals when it comes to allocating the $50,000 prize. Instead of splurging on a new Mercedes, our winner plans to use the funds to continue her education, adding a business major to pair with her culinary degree.

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Miss Jetset 2020

Janeilla Burns

Not only is Janeilla Burns a Navy Operations Specialist, but she is also the beautiful winner of Miss Jetset 2020! Her life experiences have given her the strength and resilience it takes to get through every obstacle that life has thrown her way. Janeilla has a flair for performing arts and hopes to pursue her college degree after her active duty ends in 2021.

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Miss Jetset 2021

Tanaya Peck

Tanaya is a powerhouse woman who has it all — brains, beauty, mindfulness, and passion for living her best life. She is known for her daring and adventurous spirit, with a huge passion for traveling, dirt biking, and all things outdoors. When Tanaya isn’t striving for her dream of living the Jetset lifestyle, she is a realtor and dog-mom to a miniature schnauzer named London. Her endless ambition and go-getter attitude propelled her to the top of the competition, and we couldn’t be happier to have her join the Jetset family as our 2021 Miss Jetset!

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